Need some ideas for 3 fictional character. Each must have a different name, country, and background such as occupation.

2 Answer

  • Character one: Naomi from France, works as a banker
    Character two: Giles from England, works as a book store owner
    Character three: August from Asia, works as a cranky drug dealer
  • Angelina Ramirez: Angelina lives in australia, she has no accent. Angie has a boyfriend (James) and she works as a real estate agent. She has 1 kid (Sophie) who is 3 years old.

    Kai Yopero: Lives in China and is a single man looking for love. He works at a bar and a dog named Camerra (Cammie) named after his late brother (Comeron).

    Eva Lee: Lives in britain and is in a relationship with Kyle Mason. Works as a high end actor who stars in many movies. Eva is very rich and owns a bengal tiger named Rujana

    Hope i helped XDXDXDXDXDXDXD