Explain why photosynthesis and respiration are considered opposite processes when it comes to carbon.

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  • Photosynthesis takes Carbon dioxide, Water and light energy and makes Sugars and Oxygen. Cellular respiration takes Sugars and Oxygen and makes Carbon dioxide, water and energ … y. The two processes are the inverse of one another one stores energy and the other releases that stored energy.
  • Answer:

    -Because in photosynthesis, CO2 is reactant and glucose is product, while in respiration, glucose is reactant and CO2 is product.


    Photosynthesis involves formation of sugars (mainly glucose) and oxygen (as byproduct) from carbon dioxide and water, in the presence of solar energy.

    On the other hand, respiration involves formation of carbon dioxide and water from oxygen and glucose with release of energy.

    Thus, these two processes are considered as reverse processes with respect to carbon as carbon molecules, which act as reactants in photosynthesis are product of respiration and vice versa.