Write a short composition in English comparing and contrasting Mexico City today and Mexico City of long ago (Tenochtitlan). Be sure to include:
• Population (number)
• The government
• The ruins
• Modes of transportation
• Lifestyle in general

1 Answer

  • Not a pro but this is what i know and hopefully it helps...
    Tenochtitlan was ruled by the aztecs led by many well known "emperors?" probably the most famous being King Montezuma. In Aztec life they believed in many gods. These gods affected their every day life in the ways that they did things such as when they would go to plant crops they would offer something to the god of rain in exchange for a good watered harvest. As for transportation they lacked anything better then foot travel however they had roads between each conquered city specifically designed for foot travel in the sense that they had designated areas for people to stop and rest. In this sense Couriers were most likely the way they kept in touch with different areas of the empire, keeping in mind that the aztecs controlled a vast area of mexico. As for lifestyle in general im not very well informed on any subject other than maybe human sacrifice? In aztec culture Human Sacrifice is believed today that it was an honor to be selected as a sacrifice to the gods. How the selected their sacrifices i do not know however there is a tale during the reconsecration of the aztec pyramids of how the aztecs appariently sacrificed 80,400 prisoners in 4 days. This isnt held as a fact and is still debated.

    I do hope this helped :) Good Luck :D