Explain ways the plow revolutionized farming and increased production.?

2 Answer

  • the plow made crops way easier to maintain and helped the soil get water faster and easier. the plow also took a lot of weight off the farmers. and also helped the farmers back problems from digging
  • 1. It allowed for a hands-free turning of the soil over notably larger areas.2. Put the fresher nutrients in the soil on the top.3. Buried weeds beneath the surface. 4. Made crops more manageable to maintain.5. Helped the soil get water quicker and easier.6. The plow took plenty of weight removed from the farmers. 7. Helped the farmers from developing back issues from digging.8. Larger, quicker, and more reliable machinery meant that thing could be done very faster and in a very effective way. 9. If needed, farmers could develop many more crops. 10. Equipment horses were attached to wasn't quite safe.11. Large tools wounded horses and humans,12. Sometimes, the tools simply couldn't do the work13. The plow could serve more than what a human could withstand.

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