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Company A has beanbag chairs and large tables instead of traditional office furniture. Employees are encouraged to play games with each other and think outside of the box. Working together is highly valued. Company B employees wear suits and ties. There is a formal meeting every morning led by the President of the company. Employees are given tasks and expected to complete them on time. Employees work alone instead of on teams. The companies described above are very different when it comes to which characteristic of an organization? a. division of labor b. culture c. rules & regulations d. rewards & consequences

2 Answer

  • its definitetely a matter of rules and regulations. Company A may have a boss who likes people to work in a relaxed area but to keep the principle of working as a team. The second company has definite rules like having a meeting with their boss and also having rules about dressing. So that is why the option is c
  • Answer:

    B. Culture.