Solar, wind, and water power are all renewable resources, but each has drawbacks. Briefly explain what those drawbacks are, and give suggestions on how to possible overcome them.

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  • water power is made with dams that can destroy the spawning grounds of fish by blocking there routs you see this mitigated by fish ladders wind takes up a lot of space and can only effectively be done in windy places there's no way to overcome this issue however you can make more efficient windmills and solar takes up a bunch of space and similar to wind wouldn't really be as effective as other options that aren't in a sunny area   
  • Knowing and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy is not only an acquisition of knowledge, but something important for all those interested in transitioning to this technology. Below are the disadvantages of three renewable energy systems:

    • Solar energy: It has a high installation cost, does not promote energy at night, changes the facade of the buildings.
    • Wind energy: Does not promote energy if there are no winds in the region, visual impact, causes problems for local birds, promotes noise pollution.
    • Water energy: It can cause flooding, affects local vegetation and can cause soil erosion, causes changes in the ecosystem, has a great cost of installation and uninstallation.

    Some measures can be taken to reduce these disadvantages, such as using material that reduces installation costs and that causes minimal environmental, visual and sound impact. It is also possible to reduce the inconveniences generated by these types of energy by alternating the use of renewable energies and conventional energies, so the impact of both types of energy is reduced and the whole society has energy available for its activities.