(purple smooth = 75, white smooth = 28, purple wrinkled = 24, white wrinkled = 8)

Account for the difference between the expected and experimental values.

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  • purple smooth has the most and white wrinkled is the leaseĀ 
    can you give answer choices
  • This is a dihybrid cross typical of peas, that means there are two traits to take into account: flower color (purple - white) and seed texture (smooth - wrinkled) where purple and smooth are dominant traits over white and wrinkled.

    In this cases the offspring ratio expected is 9:3:3:1 (9+3+3+1=16)

    9 out of 16 are purple smooth

    3/16 are purple wrinkled

    3/16 are White smooth

    1/16 are White wrinkled

    The total offspring is 75+28+24+8 =135

    The values expected are

    Purple smooth: 135 * (9/16) = 75,93

    Purple wrinkled or white smooth: 135 * (3/16) = 25,31

    White wrinkled: 135*(1/16) = 8,43

    These values are very similar to the ones obtained experimentally. With a chi-square it's possible to determine if the difference is significant or not.