The Continental Congress proclaimed the hero at Saratoga was:

Charles CornwallisNathaniel GreeneHoratio GatesGeorge Washington

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  • Answer:

    The Continental Congress proclaimed the hero at Saratoga was Horatio Gates.


    Horatio Gates was a former British soldier who served as a general in the United States during the American Revolutionary War. He is held responsible for the American victory in Saratoga but he was also blamed for the defeat at the Battle of Camden. Historian George Bilias describes Gates as one of the "most controversial military commanders of the American Revolution" because of his role in the Conway Cabal, a plot that attempted to discredit and remove General George Washington from command of the Continental Continental Army through a rumored campaign. There are also controversies about whether or not he was directly responsible for the victory at Saratoga and about the actions taken by Gates after the disastrous defeat at Camden.

  • Answer:

    The Continental Congress



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