What is a conservative Supreme Court most likely to do?

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  • If a Supreme Court was made up conservatives, it is most likely that they would base their decisions on ideology as well as allegiance. Still these are men and women who first and foremost enforce the law. Despite their leanings, the law comes first.
  • The views of conservatives in the Supreme court of United States are more of based on beliefs. Tafts and the conservative republicans used to rule supreme court till 1930s.

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    The Supreme court of United States is the Highest court in the country. It has ultimate jurisdiction over all federal courts and state courts of United States. Views of conservatives are more of based on their beliefs. They try to maintain present state of affairs and are rule oriented and conventional. The conservatives often tend to disapprove the decisions taken by government. In a recent act of conservatism it condemned Judicial activism which judges of the supreme court were using as they were giving decisions to control the policy as they were following the footprints of warren court of the 1960s. This was seen as the conservative attack for decisions in regards to desegregation and the rights of the people who are facing trials in respect to the crimes they are accused of. In today’s scenario, the conservative supreme court’s majority has imposed many limitations on the federal power to curtail or take any action against women rights, elderly, minorities, religious groups or other socially weak groups. The conservatives have shrunk the scope of the commerce clause.  

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