Why is the first amendment important?
in your OWN words.

2 Answer

  • The first amendment protects your freedom of speech( to say what you want), freedom of religion (believe what you want), freedom of press (post what you want) and freedom of assembly and to petition the government.
  • I wrote a report on it, here is part of it.

    The first amendment gives people the right to worship anyone and to be able to speak freely.  It also gives press the freedom to go anywhere and to say whatever they want as long as they follow the press rules. The amendment gives the right for people to be able to meet peacefully and for people to ask the government for a remedy of grievances. The reason that it is important to know is because it protects our rights to self-expression. The amendment guarantees that we can speak our minds, doing things like criticizing the government when we see fit. 


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