Augustine characterizes human knowledge as _____ when compared to God.

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  • It's probably B. It isn't A. It might be the other two, it depends on the context.
  • Answer:

    Augustine characterizes human knowledge as ignorance when compared to God.


    Augustine of Hippo as he is more famously known, was a Christian theologian who wrote, discussed, and even debated on the Christian faith and those criticizing the faith. He wrote numerous books on the issue of the Christian doctrine and faith, assuring people that this faith is true and real.

    In most of his writings, Augustine emphasized on the greatness of the Christian God and how puny and irrelevant man is in comparison to Him. Human knowledge is just plain and simple ignorance when compared to that of the all knowing God. God, being the greatest of all and the supreme divine being, is not even comparable to the knowledge that man thinks he greatly possess. In fact, man's pride and contentment in his own knowledge is a form of ignorance, a result of lack of knowledge.