1. What is the name of the offensive that, even though it was an American victory, changed public opinion on the war in Vietnam?

A : Tet offensive

B : Linebacker 1

C : Linebacker 2

D : Viet Cong

2. What was the domino Theory

A : If one country is converted to capitalism then more will be converted

B : If one country falls to communism then more will follow

C : The fear that American Culture is spreading all over the world

D : Dominoes are awesome and setting them up is not as fun as pushing them down

2 Answer

  • I know the second one is B for sure but I'm not sure about the first one. Hope that helps!
  • 1. Is the Tet Offensive. Two of the four choices are football positions, and the other one is an army that was formed to fight against South Vietnam and the United States.

    2. Is B. People were terrified that if one country falls prey to communism, then that will cause other countries to follow in their footsteps, and a lot of countries would become a communistic country.