Social Studies


1. Why is the soil in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain generally better than the soil in the Ozark Mountains?

A.Farmers in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain can afford better fertilizers.

B.The soil is enriched because of all of the animals that died in and around the
Mississippi River millions of years ago.

C.Rivers such as the Mississippi carry nutrient­-rich silt that is spread around the area when the river floods.

D.The glaciers that flattened the Ozarks took the topsoil with them as they receded.

2. People who live in which region of Arkansas are likely to experience a damaging earthquake? (1 point)

A.Mississippi Alluvial Plain
B.Arkansas River Valley
C.Ouachita Mountains
D.Gulf Coastal Plain

3. What caused the Great Flood of 1927 to be so devastating? Select all that apply.

A.The river flooded quickly overnight, leaving little warning to the people living nearby.

B.Early warm weather in Canada caused snow to melt.

C.Levees hadn’t been built along the rivers yet.

D.Too many dams had been built along the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

E.The spring of 1927 saw record amounts of rainfall in the Midwest.

F.Floodwaters covered parts of the state in up to 30 feet of water.

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