Each of the following is one of the predominant religions practiced in Europe today except?

A. Judaism
B. Protestant
C. Roman Catholic
D. Eastern Orthodox

5. Europe's Romance languages are derived from ____, which originated from ____.
A.latin/ancient Greek society
B.latin/roman empire
C. Italian/holy Roman Empire
D. Italian/Spanish empire

2 Answer

  • The answer to the first is D and the second is A
  • The correct answers are:

    1. A. Judaism;

    The dominant religion in Europe is the Christianity. Divided into multiple branches, the most dominant ones are the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant Christianity. All of the other religions that are practiced on the continent are far behind in number of people that practice them, with the Islam and Judaism being one of those.

    2. Latin/Roman Empire;

    All of the Romance languages derived from the Latin language that was spread out throughout Europe by the Roman Empire. The Romans always implemented their language and culture in the places they conquered, so they managed to wipe out many languages and replace them with their language. Of course, some traits of the native languages were kept, but the Latin was the one that dominated.