Rohan went to market to buy 10 kg of each of oranges,bananas ,mangoes and grapes.the cost of 5kg of oranges and 2kg of mangoes together was ₹310.the cost of 3kg mangoes and3.5kg bananas together was ₹230.the cost of 1.5kg bananas and5kg grapes together was160.find the total amount spnent by rohan

1 Answer

  • 390+540+160+310= 1400(which is 40kgs in total.) but i don't understand the reasoning behind 3kg of mangoes + 3.5kg of bananas = 230. when you have taken simply 3.5kg of banana as 230 and 3kg of mango as 230. can you explain the approach to this? what am i missing?3.5kg banana=230 and 1.5kg banana=160 so 5kg banana =230+160=390 3kg mangoes=230,2kg mangoes=310 so 5kg mangoes=230+310=540 5 kg grapes=160 5kg pranges=310    now add up all these 390+540+160+310=1400