What was the major achievement of Frances de Sales?

established Catholicism in North America

established Catholicism in India, Japan, and Malacca

revived Catholicism in a strongly Protestant area

established Catholicism among Spanish Jews

introduced the baroque form of art

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    revived Catholicism in a strongly Protestant area Option C.

  • The major achievement of Frances de Sales was the revival of Catholicism in the Protestant region.

    Option C is correct.

    What was the Catholicism?

    Catholicism was the practice which is being followed by the Christian people in accordance with teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Frances de Sales was served as a saint of the famous Catholic Church. He had a strong belief regarding the Catholicism being revived from the reformation of Protestant areas. He also wrote many books and writings in respect of Catholic Church.

    Therefore, the revival of Catholicism being one of the achievements by Frances de Sales.

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