"Scientists have successfully cloned animals, such as Dolly the sheep. Some people hope that cloning techniques will be used to clone humans someday, while others strongly oppose this use of technology. What is your position on cloning humans? Write a persuasive essay articulating your position on the cloning of humans. Use specific examples and details to support your views."

Choose an audience for this research project. Describe the intended audience for this paper. With your topic in mind, determine what they already know and what you will need to cover.

2 Answer

  • I would suggest an outline for any essay, it helps a lot. You could write to your peers who would know about as much as you do about cloning and ethics, so fill them in on most of your research. Ethics are generally the biggest part in the debate of what is and isn't okay to experiment with so that should be a main point of research as well as how cloning works/ what it is/ its effects/ etc. Hope this helps for a start :)
  • For choosing an audience it is important to think the characteristics of the people who would be interested on knowing about the theme, in this case Cloning Humans.

    For talking in favor on cloning:

    • Biological researchers and students could be a great audience, thus their daily work is based on knowing about new technologies.
    • Rich people interested on having copies on themselves, would be also and excellent target.

    On the other hand is the essay is written to criticize Cloning Humans maybe

    • Human Rights defenders would be interested in reading the article as well as conservative doctors.

    Choosing will depend on what you choose on your essay; an then its success would consists on writing what your audience does not know and would be interested on knowing.