Most people prefer to pay health insurance premiums rather than pay out-of-pocket for medical expenses because
A people are cautious and believe they are less likely to get sick if they have health-insurance coverage.

B doctors and hospitals always provide better care to people who have health insurance.

C people still feel more secure with a health insurance policy, even though out-of-pocket costs are often lower.

D medical costs can be extremely high, and insurance is more affordable than paying out-of-pocket for a hospital stay.

2 Answer

  • I would go with D due to the fact that answer A is an option rather then a fact. Answer B is absurd because doctors should treat all there patents equally. Answer C is the lesser correct answer.
  • Since medical expenditures can be very high and insurance is more reasonable than paying out-of-pocket for a hospital stay, the majority of individuals would choose to pay health insurance premiums instead of out-of-pocket medical charges.

    Thus, option D is correct.

    What are the effects of being without health insurance?

    They skip out on preventive care and wait till their illnesses are further advanced before seeking it out. The expenses are then passed on to society in the form of decreased output, an uptick in communicable diseases, and higher insurance premiums.

    It provides protection from theft, loss due to natural disasters like fire and flood, and financial responsibility that may result from an unintended injury to a visitor or guest on your property.

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