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what is the main ideal of Excerpt from President Obama's Presidential Proclamation - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (2010) by Barack Obama

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  • The main ideal in the proclamation is that freedom is entitled to anyone and everyone and fighting for it does not have to be violent. The best way to achieve it is to come together and unite as one nation. Sacrifices and challenges must also be endured.
  • The main ideal is to reinforce the importance of freedom for everyone, regardless of any element.

    We can arrive at this answer because:

    • Martin Luther King is a great symbol of freedom because of his fight for civil rights.
    • All of King's literary production and participation reinforce the idea that freedom is something comprehensive and should be used by all people, regardless of their color, race, and socioeconomic status.
    • When Obama uses passages written by King in his speech, he reinforces the importance of freedom.

    In this case, Obama establishes the direction of his government as something that will seek to establish freedom as an essential and unconditional right of all citizens.

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