Writing Activity. Write a list of the pets your family has. Include pets you personally have, your cousin has, your grandfather has and your friend and you both (our) have. If your family has no pets, then write about imaginary pets. You should have eight sentences when you are done. Here are some examples for you to follow:

Yo tengo unos conejos (bunnies). Son mis conejos.
Mi tía tiene una serpiente (snake). Es su serpiente.

1 Answer

  • i saco malas notas, me echan una bronca. If I get bad results, they give out to me.Mi hermano mayor siempre se mete conmigo. My older brother always pick  on me.A mi hermana, no le aguanto. I can’t stand my sister.Cuando éramos pequeños, peleábamos mucho, pero ahora nos llevamos bastante bien. When we were younger, we used to fight a lot, but now we get on quite well.Somos igualitos. We’re exactly the same.Se nota que somos hermanos. You can tell we’re siblings.Somos cinco en mi familia: mis padres, mis dos hermanos y yo. There are five in my family: my parents, my two brothers and I.

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