Select the sentence with the dangling modifier.
A.Because he was injured, Benny was disappointed he couldn’t play in the game. B.Cheering in the stands, the spectators hoped the team would remember their C.skills. The Tigers played the best game of their lives and were very proud of their teamwork.
D.Jumping for joy, the basketball championship was won.

2 Answer

  • D.) does not sound right to me at all. That's my best guess! 

    Hope this helps! (:
  • Answer:

    Jumping for joy, the basketball championship was won ( d )


    A dangling modifier is a either a word or phrase that modifies the meaning of a word that is not clearly stated in a given sentence. A modifier practically clarifies an action word in a sentence.

    "Jumping for joy" contains the dangling modifier although it doesn't state why and who was jumping but it clarifies the kind of action " jumping" that was taking place in the given sentence. A dangling modifier usually does not give a way the doer of an action.


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