Which of the following elements would most likely become a positive ion when forming a chemical bond?
A. Sulfur
B. Helium
C. Carbon
D. Calcium

2 Answer

  • Positive ions are formed by mostly metals.  As a result the answer would be Calcium Ca²⁺
  • Answer: correct option will D.


    Calcium belongs to the group 2 i.e. of alkaline earth metals in periodic table. electronic configuration of calcium is [tex][Ar]4s^2[/tex].

    So in order to attain noble gas configuration calcium will loose its two electrons during chemical bond formation.

    [tex]Ca\rightarrow Ca^{2+}+2e^-[/tex]

    Sulfur is a non metal which forms negatively charged ion so as to complete ts octet during chemical bond formation.

    Helium is a noble gas with fully filled electronic configuration.

    Carbon forms bond which is covalent in nature.