Social Studies


In which country does one ethnic group make up 92 percent of the population and 50 different ethnic groups make up the other 8 percent? A. China B. Taiwan C. Japan D. South Korea

2 Answer

  • The Han Chinese ethnic group makes up 92% of the Chinese population, while it makes up 95% of Taiwan, and even less in Japan and South Korea, but they are known to be the world's largest ethnic group.
  • The answer is A. China.

    In China, the ethnic group known as the Han Chinese make up to 91.59% of the population, this percentage corresponds to a population of 1159.4 million.

    There are other 50 different ethnic groups that make up the remaining 8.41%, these ethnic groups are distributed throughout different regions of China. Among these groups are the Mongol, the Zhuang and the Tibetan people.