What are the intercepts of the equation? Graph the equation.

-3x + 4y = -12

1 Answer

  • Ok, I'm new to this and dont know how to graph on this site so i'll explain it to you.

    -First, you need to move this equation around to the y=mx+b equation format
    -y is the number that is in front of it in the equation, same with x too
    -The b is the number without a variable
    -In y=mx+b form this equation would be 4y=-x+8 by moving the x to the other side by subtraction
    -To graph, you need y to be single so divide all the numbers by four to get it by itself, y=-1/4+2
    -Now to graphing it, first you have to graph the y-intercept or veritcal line which is 2, so graph 2 on the vertical line
    -Then you can finish this graph two ways, first you have to know rise over run and that is -1/4, this can be portrayed as -1/4 or 1/-4
    -So for rise you could negative one, which move down one space from the 2 or y-intercept and go positive 4, which is to the right, you could also do positive rise one which is up, and negative run 4, to the left from the y-intercept,make sure you have at least three points in your graph