Erik's elevation is represented by the equation h = 12 – 0.75t, and Raj's elevation is represented by h = 0.75t. What does the point of intersection on the graph represent?

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  • The point of intersection between the height or elevation of Erik to that of Raj at a certain point in time, t is the distance in which they will meet. To determine this point, we get the value of h and t. 
                                         h = 12 - 0.75t
                                         h = 0.75t
    Substituting the expression for h in the second equation to the expression in the first equation,
                                         h = 12 - h
                                          h = 6
     Get value of t, 
                                             6 = 0.75t    ; t = 8
    Therefore, after 8 t's they will meet at an elevation of 6. 
  • Answer:

    B) Erik and Raj were at the same elevation after both of them had been riding the escalator for 8 seconds.

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