describe the relationship between organic compounds, nucleotides, RNA, and a universal genetic code.

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  • Answer:

    Organic compounds→ nucleotides→ RNA→ universal code.

    Organic compounds are the compounds made by living organisms with at least one molecule of carbon linked to different elements like hydrogen, oxygen, or nitrogen.for example: nucleotides.

    A nucleotide is the monomer units of nucleic acids- DNA and RNA. Each nucleotide is made up of organic compounds- sugar, a phosphate molecule and nitrogenous bases (adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine and uracil).  

    The arrangement of nitrogenous bases in DNA decides the fate of proteins as the sequence of these bases acts as code arranged in the triplet called "codons" which code for specific amino acids.

    Thus, Organic compounds→ nucleotides→ RNA→ universal code is the correct answer.