How do Kevin’s interactions with his father and his teacher, Waldo, help develop the theme within the story? Provide evidence from the reading to support your response.

1 Answer

  • The theme developed in the story is about "Truth and Lies".

    •Story explores whether lying is sometimes justifiable. •Kevin tells truth to Waldo that father helped with Latin homework and is punished for it –ironic, since particularly in strict Catholic school, lying would be considered a sin and truth something to be encouraged and rewarded instead of punished. •Kevin lies to father that Latin was fine and is rewarded by father feeling relieved because he “was a bit worried about it” and has not hurt father’s pride in academic ability nor made him feel guilty as might be if knew that Kevin had been caned for his wrong answers. • Kevin “laughed and slipped his hand into the warmth of his father’s overcoat pocket, deep to the elbow”. Story ends showing happiness and closeness of Kevin’s relationship with father intact, which would not be case if he had told truth; author inviting reader to decide whether lying sometimes justifiable, therefore. 

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