I am Odysseus, son of Laertes, known to the worldfor every kind of craftmy fame has reached the skies.Sunny Ithaca is my home. Atop her stands our seamark,Mount Neriton's leafy ridges shimmering in the wind.Around her a ring of islands circle side-by-side.Which sentence states implicit information you can learn from the passage?
A.Ithaca is surrounded by islands.
B.Even the gods know Odysseus's heroic deeds.
C.Leaves shimmer and blow in the wind in Ithaca.
D.Odysseus's homeland is Ithaca.

2 Answer

  • B. is the best answer because it states "... Known to the world for every kind of craft, my fame has reached the skies."
  • Answer:

    The correct answer is: B: Even the gods know Odysseus´ heroic deeds.


    This response comes first from understanding what implied information, or implicit information means, when analyzing a written text. Implicit information means that with what is given to a reader, the reader can substract an idea, or a theme, that is not openly and directly stated in the document itself. When we read this passage from "The Odyssey", by Homer, we can directly, explicitly, understand that Ithaca is surrounded by islands, leaves shimmer and blow in the wind in Ithaca, and that Odysseus´ home is Ithaca, because the text gives us that information. However, we cannot directly understand that the gods know of Odysseus´ heroic deeds, because the text does not say so. We can imply it from the way that Homer uses the words, and the tone, which allows us to infer that Odysseus´ can boast of being known even to the gods themselves.