jennifer has 22.75 in her bank. she saves quarters and half dollars. she has $10.50 in half dollars. how many quarters does she have?

1 Answer

  • If Jennifer has a total of $22.75 in her bank and she save $10.50 in half dollars, all you have to do is first:
    1. Subtract the two-  $22.75-$10.50= $12.25
    2. You are left with $12.25 so now you need to break it down into quarters.
    3. Put together twelve sets of four (four quarters = $1.00) and 1 set of 1(1 quarter = $0.25)
    4. Now you just have to add up the quarters and you should get 49 quarters.
    5. If you want to check your answer just do 12 x 4=48 and then you have to add 1 because of your $0.25.

    Your answer is: Jennifer has 49 quarters.