Why do astronauts explore space ?

1 Answer

  • well, you are an astronaut BECAUSE you explore space

    well, right now anyways, as there are not any other reason to be there

    definition of astronaut:
    An astronaut or cosmonaut is a person trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot, or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft.

    so, aside from me being a smart alec and correcting that

    they explore space due to many reasons.

    first, its really interesting, as (while, yes, its possible) you cant explore on earth as (most, not all) of earth has been explored (not speaking ocean here)

    so, that sense of adventure that you used to be able to find, is really hard to come by, but not impossible, as you can explore things new to you, but its not uncharted territory (like i said, not talking about the ocean, and there are some jungles and caves and junk, but, im ignoring that to try to convey this to you)

    also, whether or not you believe it or like it, humanity NEEDS to go to space to thrive, be it for space, resources, or both. space it HUGE, with lots of resources to exploit and land to claim.

    but, it also comes down to needing to find how to do that, as we still need some math, thinking, and funding to move from earth.

    also, we have astronauts due to the fact we need our sattelites to functuin, otherwise no phones, weather data, or anything else wireless would work (ok, some stuff from earth would work like radio and bluetooth, but you know what i mean)