Which of the following best describes the technique used to graph the equation using the slope and y-intercept? y = 5x + 10

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    The easiest and mundane way of graphing this is by assigning values of x and determining the respective y values. Then, you plot the ordered pairs.

    Another way is to find the x- and y-intercept. For example,

    0 = 5x + 10
    x = -2

    y = 5(0) +10
    y = 10

    Connect the points at x=-2 and y=10, then you form a linear plot.
  • Step-by-step explanation:

    the general slope -  intercept equation is


    m is the slope of the line

    and b is the intercept with the y axis.

    In this case since the equation is: [tex]y = 5x + 10[/tex]

    m = 5

    and b = 10

    So we start to graph the equation from the point of intercept y = 10

    and we use the slope [tex]m=\frac{5}{1}[/tex] wich means that the function will advance 5 units in y and 1 unit in x. Thus we will graph the equation knowing that the line must intercept the y axis at y = 10 and will move 5 units on the y axis while moving 1 in the x axis.


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