i'm so lost please help
i'm so lost please help

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  • The term in parentheses is a perfect square trinomial that can be expressed as follows: 
    (x² - 12x + 27) → (x - 3)*(x - 9)

    (2) (x - 3)*(x - 9)

    For better understanding, follow the example and the annex:
    The square of the difference of two terms 
    Following the criteria of the previous item, we have: (a-b)² = (a-b).(a-b) 
    Where a is the first term and b is the second. 
    When we develop this product, using the distributive property of multiplication. 

  • Hi, This do isn't difficult.

    Look to the options:

    Let's to the 1 Example:


    (X+3).(X -9)

    Do the product one by one.

    x.x + x.(-9) +3.x+3.(-9)

    x^2 -9x +3x -27

    x^2 -6x -27

    Looking to the given equation

    This is wrong

    Let's to the second example



    Apply the product one by one

    X.X + X.(-9) -3.(x)-3.(-9)

    x^2 -9x -3x +27

    x^2 -12x + 27

    OooH, then this would be your answer.

    The 2 option.