1. "A wise and frugal government" was the goal that this man stated in his inaugural address.

A. Adams
B. Pinckney
C. Gallatin
D. Madison

2. Which of the following occurred during Jefferson's term in office:

A. He pardoned those who were imprisoned as a result of the Sedition Act.
B. He increased the army to prepare for future internal conflicts as a result of recent changes in laws.
C. Albert Gallatin convinced Jefferson to sign the Alien & Sedition Act.
D. He instituted an increased police presence to enforce the Sedition Acts.

3. Why is Marbury v. Madison an important decision in U.S. history?

A. It weakened the Federal judiciary by reliquishing some power of the Supreme Court to state courts.
B. It allowed the Federal judiciary the power to declare laws unconstitutional.
C. It was the gateway to finding new ways to elect judges.
D. It took away the principle of Judcial Review.

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