Some historians have argued that the American Revolution happened because a few rich leaders riled up all the poor people. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Answer in 4 sentences or more.

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  • This should be your personal opinion, but whatever.

    I do agree in a sense. A few rich leaders did rile up all the poor people. For example, the British monarchs were taxing an incredible amount of money on people who couldn't afford it. This definitely frustrated a lot of people because they had to sacrifice a lot of their earnings for the people who didn't need it. Also, poor people were being treated unfairly. While the monarchs lived lavish and fabulous lives, the poor people were stuck working hard for little money. Additionally, some people were being forced to be a religion they didn't want to be. However, it wasn't just the poor people who were riled up. There were many well-off people who were also frustrated and wanted a change in power and more opportunities. Overall, rich leaders did rile up the poor people, but in a sense, it was a chain reaction between everyone.