What does a technical job demand, and in what way does it help the individual doing that job?

2 Answer

  • A technical job demand one to have technical skills.  These are abilities and knowledge needed to perform specific tasks. They are practical, and often relate to mechanical, IT, mathematical, or scientific tasks. Hope this answers the question.
  • A highly technical job demands special SKILLS, which helps the person get higher WAGES.

    Higher education in America (back in the colonial era) began with religious colleges aimed mainly at training ministers.  From that beginning, colleges typically developed with a liberal arts curriculum.  The 19th century, from 1850 onward, saw the opening of many such colleges in the USA.  But beginning in the early 20th century, there began to be also an emphasis on vocational and technical education.  Schools were started to give training in skills needed for industries and trades.  Today there are many 2-year community colleges and other private "vo-tech" (vocational/technical) schools that provide training needed for specialized technical jobs.  Online programs are available also.