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The Venezuelan Declaration of Independence relied heavily upon what other documents?

Declaration of Independence
U.S. Constitution
Magna Carta
Declaration of Sentiments
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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  • Hello, the answer to your question is U.S. Constitution, and the Magna Carta.

  • Answer:

    U.S. Constitution

    Magna Carta


    The Venezuelan Independence Act is a document drafted and signed since July 7, 1811, in which representatives of seven of the ten provinces belonging to the General Captaincy of Venezuela in South America, gathered in the Santa Rosa de Lima Chapel of the city of Caracas, declared on July 5 its independence from the Crown of Spain, establishing a new nation based on republican and federal principles, abolishing forever the Monarchy under the values of equality of individuals, the prohibition of censorship and freedom of expression. It consecrates the constitutional principle and is radically opposed to the political, cultural and social practices that had existed for three hundred years in Spanish America. The Declaration is remarkable for being the first case of a Spanish Colony of America that declares its absolute independence.