What was the proclamation of 1763?

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  • The proclamation of 1763 was made in October 7, 1763 by King George III. It prohibited white settlers from claiming indian territory. This was used to make peace after the French and Indian war.
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    The Royal proclamation of 1763 was a treaty that established the boundaries of settlement for inhabitants of the 13 British colonies in North American soil yo be Appalachia. To prevent more confrontation after the end of the French-Indian War.


    To understand this we have to explain its cause and then the event by itself.

    First, "the treaty of Paris" which established the end of the French Indian war. Providing to England a very good amount of North American land ownership to Britain. But triggered a chain of problems between the involved lands.

    First of all the rights Britain acquired only made more difficult their administration of American soil. Because they had little to non-effective administration o their current territories, but by acquiring new ones they just suffered more difficulties over their new territories. Furthermore, the French establishment didn't follow their leaders' commands and they proceeded slowly to claim their rights because it could lead to another conflict.

    In the second place, just because the french's gave up on the war didn't mean their 7 year long Native American allies would follow them, they didn't and kept fighting the british and American colonists. But the colonists didn't follow, the war had spilled their blood and they also wanted to expand their dominion to the west. So they ignored it and did what they believed was the correct thing to do.