When an aqueous solution of KBr is electrolyzed,
the following process occurs.
KBr + H2O → KOH + Br2 + H2
Balance this equation and indicate the sum of
the coefficients of all of the species
1. four
2. twelve
3. eight
4. two
(No one seems to be answering me anymore lol)

1 Answer

  • KBr + H2O = KOH + Br2 + H2

    So we know that we need a 2 on the left of kbr so it would equal the right Br.

     now put a 2 in front of KOH since we need a 2k on right side

    Now we put a 2 infront of H2O which wil make 4 h's and 2 o's


    now it is balanced

    2KBr + 2H2O = 2KOH + Br2 + H2