3x3000=blank X blank X 1000= blank X 1 thousand = blank thousand

1 Answer

  • 3 x 3000 = 9000 x blank x 1000 = blank x 1000 = blank000
    im not too sure if there is anything specific you are supposed to fill in the other blanks with but from what you have provided i do believe you could use any number in the space of the first blank to fill out the rest of the equation. for example i you put 3 in the first blank space then the equation would write 3 x 3000 = 9000 x 3 x 1000 = 27000000 x 1000 = 27,000,000,000 but then this wouldnt work if on the question it says on the end thousand in writing. im sorry if this has not helped. if it does say thousand on the end comment below and i will reattempt this equation

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