Drawing conclusions.
David says," pure honey has nothing else added." Susan says," the honey is not really pure. It is a mixture of many substances." who is right? Explain your answer.

2 Answer

  • Susan is correct. honey is made of many substances.
  • Answer:

    Susan statement, honey is a mixture of many substances is correct.


    Honey is the substance which is sweet and it is made by bees and many related insects. Honey is produced by the bees by the various methods like enzymative activity, regurgitation and evaporation of water. Bees store honey in the honeycomb its structure is wax like structure.

    The sweetness of honey is from many substance like glucose and monosaccharides fructose and has about same proportion of sucrose.

    Therefore by the above discussion it can be says that the honey is made up of many substance, it is nit pure.