Argument John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote highly effec- tive persuasive pieces to convince others to accept their views and take action. Persuasive writing can take many forms, such as speeches, letters, articles, and essays. Persuasive essays are prose works that argue a position, using convincing evidence and compelling language. Follow the steps out- lined in this workshop to write a persuasive essay. just need pointers for this and how to start

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  • Persuasive writing can be hard or easy depending on the topic. If you choose a topic you like, it should be a lot easier. The main idea for this is to well persuade. I usually start my papers like "Today, I will be speaking about a topic that i think is very important" or "Today, I will be talking about George Washington."

    An important thing to do is make sure you're very confident in this. Confidence will help you sound ore serious and trustworthy. Also make sure you use descriptive words and reasons on why you think this is the best thing for people to do.

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