Ms. Scutter is tiling a bathroom with a length of 9 feet and a width of 8 1/2 feet.The tile she chose sells at $4 per square foot How much will Ms.Scutter need to pay for the tiles she needs

2 Answer

  • First find the area of the bathroom . 9ft times 8.5 ft = 76.5 sq ft

    76.5 sq ft * $4 = $306
  • You will need to find the area by multiplying the length and width. 8 1/2 can also be written as 8.5, then we multiply the result by 4 to find out how much money she needs to pay. Since it's $4 per square, it only makes sense to multiply the total tiles by 4. You can see how I solved in the picture provided. So she will have to pay $306