Have you ever read Elie Wiesel’s diary? Do you know who he is?

In this essay i will discuss the lesson that Wiesel was trying to teach us! You will want to know a few this first though! So stick around. For one Elie was a survivor of the Holocaust. He experienced a lot. During the holocaust he had watched his friends, family, and other jews be murdered. He didn’t give up. He kept on going. He found it hard to find faith in God. But he managed to keep all of the faith.

Elie Wiesel ( the holocaust survivor) had to watch this friend be murdered his family be murdered. He had to watch his friend literally die out. He lost everyone. But still managed to live.

He didn’t get food, nor water. For crying out loud he slept on hay. Put your feet in his shoes. Would you keep faith would you want to keep going on?

Elie Wiesel, he didn’t give up. He kept going for the gold. The non visible gold but the gold. Elie Wiesel didn’t give up. Even when he thought it couldn’t get any harder it did. Friends shot, Family shot fellow jews shot. Their hair was preserved, their teeth was used for gold. The Nazis kept the jews clothes. What clothes they had. Most jews had to wear clothing called stripes. It was kind of like clothes that juveniles would wear. The stripes was very thin. They could not be washed. They had to wear them in the most torturous winters there was.

He (Elie Wiesel) found it hard to find faith in God. The nights got harder the days grew longer. With anticipation of the thoughts if he would die. When will i die, Where will i die? Thoughts would stumble through his head. He didn’t know if he was gonna be able to take a “shower” next. He didn’t know if he would be shot. All he knew was he was a jew and the nazis did not like jews at all.
Did you learn anything about Elie Wiesel? I hope that you got at least one thing out of my essay. That is that the holocaust was very grossum. People shot, murdered, starved to death,babies killed the second of arrival. This was a very bad time for those jews. If you are lucky you will see or meet a survivor. I have met quite a few. I get the opportunity to go to their speakings. So here is a recap of what i talked about. Elie was a survivor. He about lost all faith. Most importantly he did not give up.

If there is any mistakes please don't hesitate I really need an a on this assignment.

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  • What type of assignment is it? If it's an informational essay, you may want to tone down the emotion. If you are trying to write something creative, I like this, but you should probably use less exclamation points. Can you elaborate a bit on what type of assignment this is? I'd be able to give better feedback that way.