Miguel's teacher asks him to color 4/8 of his grid. He must use 3 colors; red, blue, green. There must be more green sections than red sections. How can Miguel color the sections of his grid to follow all the rules?

2 Answer

  • 1/8 red 1/8 blue 1/8 green and another 18 green 1/8+ 1/8+1/8+1/8=4/8
  • One correct answer is:

    2/8 green, 1/8 red, and 1/8 blue.


    If there are 8 tiles, coloring 4/8 means coloring 4 tiles. Using those three colors, we could use each 1 time with 1 left over. Since we must have more green, we would use it twice; this would give us 2 green, 1 red and 1 blue.

    Since the grid is not necessarily 8 squares, we must account for this by saying 2/8 green, 1/8 red and 1/8 blue.