If 2 is added to seven times a number and equals 8 more than six times a number what is the number

2 Answer

  • Seven times a number is 7x; 6 times a number is 6x and then solve 7x+2=6x+8 X+2=8 X=6
  • Your word equation turned into an operation would be: 2+7n=8+6n. To complete this equation you have to balance it out so only n would be put on one side. So, try subracting 6n on both sides so it can be on the same side as 7n: 2+7n-6n=8+6n-6n. Therefore the 6n on the right side has now switched over to the left. Then, you need to switch the 2 onto the right side by subtracting it on both sides as well: 2+7n-6n-2=8-2 The 2 has now been switched. After, subtract 7n-6n=1n, and 8-2=6. The equation then becomes: 1n=6. To isolate n from 1, divide 1n by 1 and 6 by 1. Your equation afterwards should be: n=6/1, or as simplified: n=6.