Which of the following is a radical? O H OH H2O

2 Answer

  • If a radical is defined as a molecule with unpaired electrons,then the answer is OH.However,if you take the more general definition(an atom or molecule with unpaired electrons),then OH,O and H are all radicals.
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    • Radicals are molecules that contains at least one unpaired electron. They are formed when a single covalent bond breaks to leave an unpaired electron on each of the two species created by the breaking of the bond.
    • The answer for the question is OH, OH is an example of a radical, other common examples NH4+, NO3-, etc.
    • O, and H, are atoms. An atom is the smallest particle of an element that can take part in a chemical reaction.
    • H2O, is a molecules, A molecules is a substances made of two or more atoms. It is the smallest particle of a chemical element or a compound that has chemical propertie of an element or a compound.