Alexander is a stockbroker. He earns 12​% commission each week. Last​ week, sold ​$5,300 worth of stocks. How much did he make last week in​ commission? If he averages that same amount each​ week, how much did he make in commission in​ 2011?

1 Answer

  • Answer:

    1) $636

    2) $33,072

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Percents and decimals can be used together to answer questions about proportions of a number.

    One Week

    First, we need to find how much Alexander made in commission over one week. We are told that he earns 12% and sold $5,300 of stock. So, we need to find 12% of 5,300.

    To find a percentage of a number, we can multiply by the decimal. To turn a percentage into a decimal, move the decimal 2 spots to the right. This means that 12% = 0.12. Then, multiply the whole number by that decimal.

    • 0.12 * 5300 = 636

    Alexander made $636 in commission in one week.

    Commission in a Year

    Remember that 1 year = 52 weeks.

    If Alexander averaged $636 every week, then we can just multiply 636 by 52 to find his income in a year.

    • 636 * 52 = 33072

    So, he made $33,072 in one year.


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