An aeroplane is 1200 m directly above one end of a field. The angle of depression of the other end of the field from the aeroplane is 64°. How long is the field?

1 Answer

  • Answer:

      585 m

    Step-by-step explanation:

    You want to know the length of a field if the angle of depression from a point 1200 m above one end is 64° to the other end.


    The tangent relation is ...

      Tan = Opposite/Adjacent

    In this problem, the height of the plane is the side opposite the angle of interest, and the adjacent side is the length of the field. Solving for the adjacent side, we get ...

      length of field = (height of aeroplane) / tan(64°)

      length of field = (1200 m)/2.05030 ≈ 585.28 m

    The field is about 585 meters long.


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