The executive branch is NOT responsible for which of the following?

national security and defense

enforcing all laws made by the legislative branch

functioning like a CEO of the government

deciding which laws are legal and should be enforced

appointing secretaries to oversee several departments of government

1 Answer

  • The correct answer is:

    Deciding which laws are legal and should be enforced


    The Executive branch of the United States government is composed by the President, who is also the Commander in-Chief of the armed forces, Vice-President, Federal agencies and the Cabinet. This branch is in charge of the general administration of the country, the national security and defense, and for implementing and carrying-out the laws made by the Congress (Legislative branch) and foreign affairs.

    As part of the Checks and Balance system, the President has the power to approve or veto a bill before it becomes a law, but the branch in charge of interpreting and deciding which laws are constitutional (legal) and should be enforced is the Judicial branch.