y = 1/3 |x| -2 in words its y equals one third idk what |x| is called idk if its minus to or negitive 2... so any help will be good... also will fan and give 99 points... and medal... is that openstudy.... idk

1 Answer

  • Technically speaking, because the way you have the question written, in words the equation would be said as y equals one-thirds multiplied by the absolute value of x, then minus two. Properly saying as y equals two less that the product of one-third and the absolute value of x.
    The absolute value is the distance away from 0 therefor the value would alway equal as a positive value. EX1: |21| = 21 EX2: |-21| = 21
    even if you considered -2 within y=1/3|x|-2 as -2 being negative two instead of minus two, then it would be the same meaning in the case that you have written out in a mathematical equation format, but really because -2 comes after 1/3|x| and -2 is not in parenthesis then it would make more since to say minus two.